About Us – Individually

Jeri – Photographer

Jeri is our associate photographer, specialising in fashion and bridal photography. Jeri is not new to the fashion photography industry, being one of the [...]

Esther – Photographer

Esther strength in photography is that she follows her mentor (KS) style extremely closely. Esther has the tendency to go the extra mile for great photos [...]

Jake – Cinematographer

Jake has his eyes on media since mid 2000, being able to produce multiple short films that he written and directed. His story telling skills sets him apart [...]

Ryan – Photographer

Ryan is one of our most artistic inclined photographer - being able to draw really well and seeing things in a very unique perspective. Ryan started out [...]

KS – Photographer

KS was influenced into photography in 2009 when he went for a fun walk about shoot with friends. KS never looked back since. KS specialise in wedding day [...]

Conny – Make up artist cum hair + Florist

Conny was influenced into photography in 2009 when she was assisting Pat. It did not take Conny long as a second shooter before she became the main [...]

Pat – Cinematographer + Photographer

Pat started out his photography passion in 1993 with his 3 film cameras. At the same time, Pat has a great love for sea sports and started to bring his [...]

Get to know our crew – Ryan

In our 2nd instalment of getting to know us, we interviewed our in-house artist and photographer Ryan. We asked Ryan to share with us on his style and approach [...]

Get to know our crew – Pat

In a on going get-to-know-us campaign, we have started the ball rolling with EOP's main guy, Pat. Pat shares with us how he got started, his shooting style [...]