Ming Wei and Yahui VR Experience

We have been in the wedding industry for slightly more than a decade now and throughout these years, nothing much had actually excited us as much as this. All these while, we always wanted our couples to literally relive their wedding day – as if they are there on ‘ground zero’ again. To be there one more time, to see what they had missed out on through the hectic schedules. To see what is going around them. Or even, to bring the entire experience to their love ones who could not have made it on that day itself.

For Ming Wei and Yahui, they would be able to experience their wedding day as if they are there again. To view what is around them and not just be restricted to what was captured by our photography and videography crew. They could control what they would love to see around them. This is a dream come true for all of us.

We had created a 360 Virtual Reality (VR) wedding same day highlights for them that could be interactively playback on Facebook and Youtube. And to bring the experience further, Ming Wei and Yahui do enjoy our unique EOP VR Experience to share with their friends too.

Do check out: www.expressohphotography.com/vr/mwyh
It is an interactive VR experience tour. Try it on your phone – Move it around to see what is happening around you. Click on the buttons to navigate your way around the wedding day.

At the meantime, do enjoy our 360 VR same day edit experience. Best watched on 4k resolution on Chrome or Firefox.  🙂