Underwater Maternity – Stacie

It had been awhile since we took a hiatus from doing underwater (fashion) and we thought why not come back with a more interesting, closer to heart kind of underwater photography shoot, and mainly based in Singapore. The last time we did was mostly in the Philippines, Cebu.

So when Stacie contacted us, we jumped in joy and of course said yes! What better way to celebrate the joy of anticipating a new bundle of joy and to document it .. in water. 🙂

It turns out that Stacie was really a natural in water. She even refused to leave the water after the shoot was done. 😛 Basically due to the fact that you do really feel extremely light in the water – best to relieve those backaches and super hot body temperature too 🙂

Looks like she is really enjoying the whole shoot yeah? 🙂 Make you wanna try it yourself too?