Tim and Peishi photojournalistic journey

Everyone of us has our own concept of the perfect wedding. Some love it with lots of activities and action, while others prefer their wedding to be easy going. However, all of them are filled with laughters, smiles and sometimes… tears.  Ok. We are trying to sound like writing a thesis here 😛 But when we met Tim and Peishi during our house visit, we felt that this is going to be special. Special for everyone …

It was our first time having to document a wedding in St Andrews Cathedral since our inception. Hence it was special to us. Pat had a superb uphill task with time for his express highlights (basically given less than an hour) and he managed to deliver it creatively, filled with emotions (pun intended) on time. That was also special to us. But nothing is more special than our lovely couple Tim and Peishi with their elegant garden theme. In fact, KS taken it in such a way that, Pat personally would not have thought it was in Singapore too!

What we like really is how Tim and Peishi make it meaningful for everyone during the banquet by going around interacting with family and friends. Everyone literally had time to mingle around with the lovely couple of the day (Just look at the pictures!). Which we felt to be really sweet of them. 🙂