Lloyd and Cheryl video-journalistic journey

Being ever so excited to be part of the celebrations, we met up with Cheryl just a few days before her wedding to go through her itinerary with her and to check up on any things that we could make the day smooth sailing for everyone. Yes, we meet up with our couples regularly for the wedding preps – we just simply love to be part of the celebrations! Back to the topic, Cheryl’s mum was super excited when we met up at her place. Seldom do we see the parents so geared up and excited about their daughter’s big day. And I meant excited. Cheryl’s dad rehearsed a song for his daddy’s little girl so much so that he sung it twice on the day itself. Of course, with the meaning of the lyrics together with how emotional the parents was… the emotions were so overwhelming.

On the other hand, I don’t get to see the bride dancing and rehearsing the dance as much as the bridesmaids do either. In fact, Cheryl was doing so much more. It was a dream come true, a big event the way she envisioned it to be. While Lloyd, is really keeping his cooand chill outlook – but I could see the love, the satisfaction in his face throughout the entire day. Lucky guy!

Here’s their full day highlight of the big day!

Cinematographer: Pat