Ian and Lynnette photojournalistic journey

Ian and Lynette’s wedding represents one of our ‘out of the norm’ wedding that we have shot thus far – an Eurasian wedding! Ian was chill the entire day, going with the flow. As for Lynette, we were just wowed. She’s the hands on one and everything from the gown to the shoes to the decorations were handpicked by her from non-conventional avenues.

We had just met up with Ian and Lynette after the wedding to pass them their photos and videos. One topic that popped up was how surprised they were when the dance floor opened to the floor. They were actually surprised Lynette’s parents were amongst the first to go up to the dance floor. And we were prepared for it apart from really joining in the dance crowd, dancing away and snapping away. Things they never knew about their parents (after so long staying with them) also came to light only that wedding day evening itself. Talk about surprises 🙂


1st Photographer: Esther

Cinematographer: Pat