Zac and Kat video-journalistic journey

It is a great honour and pleasure to be part of the joy of any weddings and even more so when it is your friend’s wedding. Pat knew Zac and Kat way back in early 2006 when all of them were skaters and skate instructors then. Although the skate ‘genre’ was different, the three of them always see each other at East Coast Park and skated from morning till late night. (Those days were so shiok)

So, finally on the big day itself, it seemed to be a big reunion for Pat and friends. The gatecrash started off particularly scary due to the fact that some of the groomsmen decided to climb over the railings and onto the other side of the stairway. But that was overshadowed by how Zac professes his love for Kat… in English. (Zac is much better in Mandarin)

Blessed with good weather and great time keeping, take a look at their express highlights for the day.

Cinematographer: Pat