Senior crew night out

Finally it is not our turn to be behind the camera lens, donning our Express Oh uniforms running around during the wedding banquet. It is our turn to dress up, take a sip, enjoy the food and have fun.

We are attending a fellow photographer’s wedding dinner! And as fate has it, it is a lasting friendship that was forged during our own photographer’s, KS, wedding. The groom, Jerald, was KS’s wedding photographer and from that on, it was a strong friendship forged.

Congratulations to Jerald and Xiu Si on your big day! Welcome to the married couple club 😛

And that’s not all. Since it was a photographer’s wedding, naturally you will have a lot of other photographers and videographers there too. It was great to have them on the same table as us and it turns out that Pat found his JC batchmate sitting right next to him too! Talk about a gathering!bmd