Pat – Cinematographer + Photographer


Pat started out his photography passion in 1993 with his 3 film cameras. At the same time, Pat has a great love for sea sports and started to bring his cameras out into the sea for photography. Though he has destroyed all his cameras from those days (in the sea and with sea water), his passion never really died off.

Fast forward to 2003, upon graduation, Pat decided to start his own video business servicing bigger corporations. One of the highlights then was being one of the key special effects and animation crew on a Nokia project with a regional reach. In 2008, Pat re-branded his business to be Express Oh Photography (EOP). Having a stint working in a movie production house in the Philippines between 2009 and 2010, Pat’s passion for photography is fired up again and is a well-known underwater portrait photographer in Singapore, having multiple interviews by local magazines and newspapers.

Today, Pat is the main cinematographer for EOP for both corporates and weddings. He is also a photographer for corporate projects.