Loving what we do – Wedding behind the scenes

We always love to think what actually goes through behind the shot when we look at certain pictures and videos. How do they do it or even was it really fun thing for the people involved in getting that particular shot. We love to show some insights with what we actually do during weddings (especially the recent year end weddings that we just completed) and to share some experiences we had too 😀

First of all, it is all fun. Well, it is your wedding day after all and it should be as memorable , fun, and filled with laughter throughout (including the emotional parts). We do enjoy the gatecrashing part too and really love to get up close and personal.. Just look at what is Esther doing here (She is just next to the groom) 😛

Esther "Must be part of the fun!"

Esther “Must be part of the fun!”

Even though if we look ‘stress’ like here, it is just thinking how to make this shot better than the last… and more unique. Jake and Esther taking their turns to get the shot of the gown…


Esther thinking how to make it interesting while Jake is fully focused on getting the details nicely.

Usually we would also advice our couples where and when to go for a short outdoor shoot to capture the bridal entourage. And our dear KS just love to be in the sun… His motto is vitamin D is the best, especially in the morning…


Come come, here the sun nice for a tan 😛

So after he coax the groomsmen, he get the bridesmaids to join in the fun and ‘tan’ too. But all in the name of a great photo. 🙂

ahh.. this is nice. hmm nice..

ahh.. this is nice. hmm nice..

Furthermore, since our style is pretty much photojournalistic, we do not actually stop shooting… nope… not even when you are taking a rest.. we are just persistent.. in making you enjoy your day and documenting them…


Even at the stairway.. there is always something to keep the mood high.

 Ok, so that’s how we look like behind the scenes during the wedding day… And because we follow our couples throughout the entire day (we really mean it), even to the hotel, we get the true feel and emotions of the wedding couple.. That’s how we are able to capture and tell a story of the details that went throughout the entire day for our couples. Something that will endure time and each time you look back.

Everyone taking a break in the hotel room

Everyone taking a break in the hotel room