KS – Photographer


KS was influenced into photography in 2009 when he went for a fun walk about shoot with friends. KS never looked back since. KS specialise in wedding day photography.

KS is a perfectionist in his craft, spending great amount of time honing his skills and to get the perfect shot. He loves to meet up with his couples way before the day itself to get to know them better as a friend, rather than a photographer. That’s why we got so many couples becoming friends with him even before the wedding day itself.

To be able to quench his thirst for better photos, KS went on to get himself certified as a Master Photographer (MPA) in 2013. KS also enters into international photography competition to ‘have his quality of work checked’. It paid off when KS won a Fearless Award (international competition). A true sign for the recognition of his undying thirst for great photos.

On the side, KS is also our budding barista, whipping up perfect blends of coffee during our meet ups.