Eu Dee and Ethel photojournalistic journey

We were ‘lepaking’ at one corner during lunch time during our road show in 2014, then one couple came in to our booth. Internally, all of us were naturally excited (I mean who would not be when you have people coming to your booth!) but we just kept calm. We were clear about our objectives – To be sincere and understand what is needed by our couples before recommending the best match to their expectations.

So, we sat Eu Dee and Ethel down and chit chatted our way, understanding them and not once did we bring up any packages to them. Till they asked. Pat still remembered asking them to walk around the show to get a glimpse of what they might have left off and possibly go grab their own lunch too. It was only the next day we got to see them again and they confirmed us. 🙂 🙂

Their wedding was nothing short of laughter. We popped over for a while for their church rehearsal to get a glimpse of what is expected and boundaries set forth by the church. Eu Dee turned out to be packed with a lot of fun and laughter in him while Ethel is the more outdoor-ish, firm lady. And we always thought it was the other way around!

Catch some of their highlights of the photo and video below 😀

1st Photographer: KS

Cinematographer: Pat