Darius and Meiyun photojournalistic experience

Every wedding has their own story behind it. And we advocate having the day a very special and meaningful one for the couple themselves. This is especially so for Darius and Meiyun.

They did away with the gate crashing games (a little trend that we seem to see at the point of writing) and went cozy with everything else. When Darius stepped into the makeup room, Meiyun was still having her hair done. I still remembered that the makeup artist asked Meiyun, “开门的来了啊?” (Translate: The guy who will welcome and open the door for the groom is here). Then when the makeup artist learnt that it is the groom, she was “wah so easy come in one ah?!”

One of the things I truly love about the wedding is how they had agreed to write letters to each other and to only read it on the morning itself. About their feelings and what their thoughts about finally being together is all about.

Oh yes! This wedding is also one of the first for our new (female) photographer who is understudying KS. Fearless, and loveable to everyone. Here are some of the highlights from her works for this wedding.

Photography by Esther

And the morning church highlights that taken place :D

Oh yes! The last we heard from Darius and Meiyun is that they are now proud parents! Congrats!!!

1st Photographer: KS

2nd Photographer: Esther

Cinematographer: Pat