A new beginning – Sing Hwa and Yvonne

Being in the wedding scene for a couple of years, it is always fun and refreshing when you see how the journey to the wedding day begins. Given the chance, most girls would love to have that special moment. uhm.. right?

So, when Pat received a whatsapp message to shoot a proposal, he just jumped on to it. Pat loves it when he gets the chance to be part of the beginning of the lifelong union. Though comparing it to the wedding day itself, the proposal though ‘small’, marks an important starting point for things to go on to the next phase.

Sing Hwa is so lucky to have help from his friends. The amount of logistics and co-ordination involved is fit for organising a small company event! So, the day started out way in advance where Sing Hwa brought Yvonne out for a romantic dinner, away from ground zero at Esplanade. The crew arrived relatively early, getting the balloons, the lighting (whilst ‘supervised’ by curious onlookers).

Pat took the plunge and went straight down to where Sing Hwa and Yvonne will be walking in. And blatantly taking the same elevator with them, all the while filming the process. Meanwhile, we got Sing Hwa to mic up with a remote mic.

And BAM! The action starts, to the point where Pat got caught up with all the emotions himself too. Yeaps, he was so touched with the entire idea – so meaningful and touching, that Pat teared also. 🙂

A picture paints a thousand words, what’s more a video? Here is the highlights for the wonderful proposal of Sing Hwa and Yvonne. Congratulations to the both of you once again!

Cinematographer: Pat