Month: December 2015

Loving what we do – Wedding behind the scenes

We always love to think what actually goes through behind the shot when we look at certain pictures and videos. How do they do it or even was it really fun [...]

Corporate experience – Montigo Resort, Nongsa, Batam, Indonesia

We had the chance to travel to Batam, Indonesia, earlier this year as part of our 2015 overseas road map. It  had been a wonderful 2015 as we had [...]

Senior crew night out

Finally it is not our turn to be behind the camera lens, donning our Express Oh uniforms running around during the wedding banquet. It is our turn to dress up, [...]

A new beginning – Sing Hwa and Yvonne

Being in the wedding scene for a couple of years, it is always fun and refreshing when you see how the journey to the wedding day begins. Given the chance, [...]

Eldwin and Isabel photojournalistic journey

Eldwin and Isabel showed us how a fuss free wedding without the door games and early start can be really enjoyable! The day started rather late when compared [...]

Zac and Kat video-journalistic journey

It is a great honour and pleasure to be part of the joy of any weddings and even more so when it is your friend's wedding. Pat knew Zac and Kat way back in [...]

Eu Dee and Ethel photojournalistic journey

We were 'lepaking' at one corner during lunch time during our road show in 2014, then one couple came in to our booth. Internally, all of us were naturally [...]

Jeri – Photographer

Jeri is our associate photographer, specialising in fashion and bridal photography. Jeri is not new to the fashion photography industry, being one of the [...]

Esther – Photographer

Esther strength in photography is that she follows her mentor (KS) style extremely closely. Esther has the tendency to go the extra mile for great photos [...]

Jake – Cinematographer

Jake has his eyes on media since mid 2000, being able to produce multiple short films that he written and directed. His story telling skills sets him apart [...]