Shannon and Weiying photojournalistic experience

Let’s gooooo baaaccccckkkk in time! Meet our super retrolicious couple Shannon and Weiying. We simply love weddings with a strong theme feel and in this case…. Our fav retro! Pat was in there as their instant print guy (sorry that was our last few couples before we decided to stop instant print services), while it was Ryan and Jake as their photographer and videographer respectively. As they set up their reception booth, all of us were literally remknded of all those childhood loves – lollipops, pops, and a few other memorabilias.

Taken over 2 continuous days, we literally feel their love story unfolding in front of us… And as Weiying said, “…you found the right one when you found the one who can complete your sentences…” and oh ya.. having a crazy bunch of brothers helps alot too….especially on how they fought for the hand bouquet when it was tossed..check them out below!


Express highlights


Actual day