Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS) August 2014 Experience

Finally after some settling down, we are able to blog a little bit on our recent road show at Dhoby Ghaut Green, Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show a.k.a. BOWS. It is officially our 2nd major show we participated in, aside from more focused ones with hotels and country clubs.

Learning from our first show, we decided to do a few things much differently 🙂 It also coincides with us finally moving to update our brand logo – after almost a year of procrastination on updating the t-shirts, etc. hahaha Yups, we gotten our new EOP polo tees and proudly running around the show ‘showcasing’ them 😛 In retrospect, I realise that we were actually walking advertisement and could have just walked around the MRT station and malls to get people to our booth. Then we decide to roll out some merchandise too. Just a little thank you’s to our couples who signed up with us during the show too. A hand painted EOP tote bag – made up of great quality (erm) cloth. Project was actually undertaken by Conny as she heads the purchasing of the bags and painting it herself. Pat decided not to go near this project as he knows he will probably start drawing stick men instead of the logo.

So back to the booth, we decorated it up nicely, bringing in our pink letterbox, kitchen trolley, etc. Literally making it look like a small coffee shop. And those beautiful cute clouds and sun are sewn by our lovely Sheralin, who oversees our props making for shoots like maternity and baby shoots. And oh ya, the pink letterbox is available for rent @ $40 only for our couples who signed up packages with us 🙂

Last but not the least for sure, thank you to everyone who took time to pop by our  booth and have a great chat with the crew. We have had been doing our follow ups with  our couple and understand that it is also the lunar 7th month, some of you are experiencing some constraints. Not a problem! Do keep in contact and we definitely can work something out with you too!

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