Jay and Shiang Min ultimate experience

The world is pretty round and everyone seems to be inter-connected some ways or another. We can’t help but to notice some form of six degree of separation rule here – which is quite interesting in fact. When I first met up with Jay and Shiang Min for dinner, Jay mentioned we documented his friend (Jaysen) wedding back sometime in 2011. And then Shiang Min followed that her friend is KS’s friend too. So, I am caught up in the intersection.  After that, I kept seeing Jay everywhere… at the cross section of the road, crossing the road, having lunch, etc.. all except that I was at a distant or in the vehicle… It must be a sign…

Met up with this lovely couple of times to go through their story. Everyone’s story is different. Unique. Even though it seems the same for everyone, I keep seeing it as unique – because the underlying love and reason is so different. With nuances only understood by themselves. During the course of filming their story, we manage to transport them into time and you can really see them reliving those times, except now it’s better. One of the things I get a kick out is I manage to let the other party see and reflect on themselves and on their partner and where they will be going together by the time we end the shoot. The look in their eyes (apart from ‘Ah.. finally done with the filming’) is..”I did not know (consciously) that he / she is actually meaning so much more than I thought I did”. Satisfaction.

Then comes the actual day wedding. The big one. Ok. I admit, for the effect of grossed out expression? I just get the sister entourage to add that ‘wee bit’ more chilli, salt, wasabi, etc. 😛 But the killer move from Shiang Min to Jay was allowing Shiang Min to bring over her soft toys to their new place and sleep with them. I understand his concern…. Shiang Min’s room is basically filled to the brim with soft toy.. including the most prized possession – The proposal bear. Which  happens to be bigger than the average 7 year old kid. Take a look at Jay’s expression when he read that part of ‘contract’ out in the video.

And what better place to hold the reception at the iconic Hotel Fort Canning on iconic beautiful greens of Fort Canning Hill overlooking the city. And yeap, we captured it in its full glory.. from the sky. Have a peek at their story 🙂

Pre-wedding video

Same day edit (Express Highlights)