Fanny and Gautier photojournalistic experience

Time flies pass us so fast when we are so engross in what we are doing. KS and Pat first met with Fanny at another wedding we were shooting. Pat still remembers that he got the sister entourage to dance in front of the fan then and Fanny was the ‘highlight sister’. Following that, Fanny and Gautier pop by our wedding show booth in Suntec last year and that got KS all excited to want to ‘join in the fun’ for their wedding too. 😛

So, the story goes… Fanny and Gautier decided to sign up with us our complete package and we had the best time documenting their pre-wedding casual shoot and their pre-wedding video shoot. And as usual we met up with them to understand them more so that the video and photo will be very personalised to them. Then an event pops up surprisingly. When Pat and his wife were on their honeymoon in the Philippines, they were also staying in the exact same area as Fanny and Gautier during the 2012 countdown! Kinda found out when we were chatting on overseas trips and looking through photos together during our meet up session. Seems that fate has a part in play here huh. 🙂

Fast forward, we are extremely excited to be part of their big day. Why? It is not often that we get to be part of a inter-continent marriage. It is also not often that you get to experience two gatecrashes in a single wedding too! What’s more, their dinner march in was simply a wow. Cool dancing and great speeches made by their friends about them.

Congratulations to our lovely couple Fanny and Gautier! Enjoy your part 2 in France!

Check out their express highlights video here too.