Tariq and Gemma photojournalistic experience

I just could not say no to Tariq and Gemma when they pop by our office. Secretly in my mind, I told myself.. ‘I must shoot their day!’ Turns out it does seems that they also had the same thought and I am very lucky and honoured to capture Tariq and Gemma in a very very private friends only affair. I also told them to booked the weather back in January when they confirmed our services. Turns out Singapore had a long period of draught and literally we are experiencing ‘autumn like landscapes’ in Singapore – everywhere were just brown leaves and grass. Think that we might have had planted too many chilli and garlic everywhere!

The weather became better for us as it actually drizzled a little before we set off for Botanical Gardens from Fullerton Hotel. When we reached the iconic Bandstand, I truly understand what they meant by a small family affair. Very touching moments we had for the solemnisation –  Gemma’s dad was letting his little princess go and have a beautiful life with Tariq.

Since we had some spare time after the solemnisation, we took the liberty to have some outdoor shoot for Tariq and Gemma before they head back to UK for good in April. A token for them to remember Singapore by!

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