Ping Chuan and Catherine photojournalistic experience

Time really flies past you real fast when we are enjoying touching people’s lives every other day. It was back in 2012 October that we first met Catherine. Then we were covering for David and Charmaine’s wedding and Catherine was one of the sisters’ entourage, not to mention that she is also the groom’s sister. I had quite a surprise when in between the gatecrashing games, David turned around to PC and said “You settle her. You need training”. (I still remember it clearly because I still have the videos taken in our back up drive and was remembered joking with them a lot that day).

We simply love to do ‘family business’. It kinda feels like it is a get together of long lost friends and it feels very homely. Not to mention playing with Mochi (the family dog) again. Even though we had a tough time shooting Mochi during our pre-wedding shoot with them. So it was really fun to talk to Catherine’s father who is very visibly proud when talking about Mochi and yet you can tell that he was holding back his emotions when veiling Catherine and seeing her off with Ping Chuan during the morning ceremony.

Ping Chuan and Catherine asked whether will there be enough time to add in the aerial shots for the express highlights when we met up with them to go through their itinerary. So we sat down and discuss and planned the route so that everyone had enough rest and the day would not be so rush for everyone. We landed ourselves at a pretty good location – Lorong Halus- for their superb bridge shot and aerial shot that day too. Something very in tune with their wedding banquet venue – The Crown Plaza a.k.a. Changi Airport Hotel. Everything must go in sync correct? hahaha

Anyways, here are some of the shots we really really really like and would like to share with you first hand. More could be found here too.

Photographer: Conny
Cinematographer and pilot: Pat