Paya Beach, P. Tioman, Malaysia, aerial showcase

Earlier in 2013, we brought an adventurous couple to Pulau Tioman, Malaysia, for their underwater pre-wedding photoshoot. During which time, we also intended to do some pick up shots for their pre-wedding video too and decided since we were doing their underwater photoshoot, why not an aerial video for them too. Hence we brought our basic aerial setup to the beach and started flying around both for fun and for their video.

The night came and as we sat at the common area chit chatting and reviewing our shots for the day, the towkay came by and saw the clip. The rest was history as this time we went down to the resort with our (then) better setup and did this aerial video for the resort. The frightening part of doing this shoot seriously? The wind was extremely gusty and we were flying literally above the sea. At one time our drone got suck in to an air column and was thrown all the way out and we were literally lucky to have it back to shore, just before the batteries went out of juice.

Of course, as with all things techie, we have since upgraded to a more powerful setup now 🙂