Leslie and Joanne cinematic experience

You know how referrals are at times? They just pop up out of no where and you just seal the deal there and then. We are really blessed when one day a Whatsapp message came in and asked for our rates. We gave them the rates without thinking much of it and the next thing we knew was that Pat was at the bride’s house.

Yups, this is the little different thing we do for all our couples. Prior to the big wedding day itself, we will pop by the bride’s place, get to know auntie and uncle, to chat up with the bride and groom, etc. However, this turned out to be a special one. Pat only got to see the bride and it was only on the wedding day did Pat get to see the groom. Quite unusual a practice though but hey, we still do it! 🙂

Joanne was the bride then and show us her room and around the house.. plus her little doggy. We just melt when we see dogs or cats around. Actually the whole experience turn out to be quite a fun one blazing down the streets to and fro the bride-groom-bride-hotel route. And in fact still had some time to mingle with their photographers (from Thailand) over KFC ‘buffet’ lunch/brunch/tea break, whilst doing the express highlights. Takes a lot of pre-planning and ‘looking into the crystal ball’ on what will happen during the games segment to be able to come out with their storyboard.

Turns out at the end of the day, we become good FB friends after the wedding. 😀