Jaysen and Apple photojournalistic experience

I remembered back in 2013, we decided to go to Ho Chin Min, Vietnam, to check out some sites for potential pre-wedding shoot. Add that with Apple being a good friend of us pop us a ‘hi’ on FB. We told her that we decided to go to Vietnam for a shoot and looking for a couple to go with us. 30 minutes later Apple FB message us back saying that she had booked her tickets and hotel to Vietnam. Her enthusiasm kind of shock us a little, and moreover it was April 1, 2013… a.k.a. April Fools Day. So we were wondering, who is ‘tricking’ who at that point, till we both exchanged our flight details. And the rest was history. This is also one of the reasons we decided to add some of their Vietnam pre-wedding cum adventure with us into their video.

So fast forwarding to 1 January 2014, as most of us were counting down to the new year, we were counting down to the first most exciting event of the year with our fun couple! And it was in the wee hours of the morning (4am to be exact) that we went crashing into Apple’s house to start our day and new year with them. The weather was particularly kind to us too as it threaten to rain with a few drops ‘splattered’ around just before we head to the hotel. We always love to document even the smallest of details so that these hold as precious memories to the couple. Come to think of it, most of our couples mentioned that they do not really see nor remember how their banquet details look like, despite all the effort that went into planning and sourcing for the wedding favours, colour schema, florist, etc.!

Congratulations Jaysen Pang and Apple Chan once again.. and I seriously never knew Jaysen could sing that well! That was part of his surprise to a very emotional bride to end off an extremely emotional and fun evening too!

1st Photographer: Conny
2nd Photographer: KS
Cinematographer + pilot: Pat

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