Dave and Joanne cinematic pre-wedding experience

We had the opportunity to share a piece of this lovely couple in their midst of their wedding preparations. They entrusted us with their trust and shared quite a bit of themselves to us, in order for us to create a great pre-wedding video for them. Not to mention that Dave and Joanne decided to have their big wedding day on Christmas 2013!

Pat was personally very concerned about this video especially the interview part. When Pat met up with Dave and Joanne for the first time to discuss their story together, I wanted it to be very personal and something that they will hold on for their rest of their lives. Something sweet even.
But during the meetup, Dave’s expression was so poker face and Pat could not decipher what is going on in his mind which put Pat at unease…Whereas Joanne was too tired that day.
However, the biggest surprise came and the phrase ‘Never judge a book by its cover” holds so so so so true for this lovely sweet couple. The interview went superbly well and so candid and we are so honored for them to share so much with me! Dave was so sporting and Joanne simply breezes through with so much ease. The weather was great and all great things fell in place.

Thank you once again Dave and Joanne. This is one video which we kept on smiling to myself when we were doing it!