Month: April 2014

Chee Beng and Siew Hiong pre-wedding experience

The day started pretty early for us as we head to Chee Beng's place to get prepared with the makeup and hair styling of Siew Hiong. As the ladies were getting [...]

Behind the scenes for Weili and Shenny

It was a busy Saturday for the crew as we had a number of pre-wedding video to shoot. Our sister company Footloose Production covered an interesting couple [...]

Tariq and Gemma photojournalistic experience

I just could not say no to Tariq and Gemma when they pop by our office. Secretly in my mind, I told myself.. 'I must shoot their day!' Turns out it does seems [...]

Get to know our crew – Ryan

In our 2nd instalment of getting to know us, we interviewed our in-house artist and photographer Ryan. We asked Ryan to share with us on his style and approach [...]

Get to know our crew – Pat

In a on going get-to-know-us campaign, we have started the ball rolling with EOP's main guy, Pat. Pat shares with us how he got started, his shooting style [...]

Dave and Joanne cinematic pre-wedding experience

We had the opportunity to share a piece of this lovely couple in their midst of their wedding preparations. They entrusted us with their trust and shared quite [...]

Leslie and Joanne cinematic experience

You know how referrals are at times? They just pop up out of no where and you just seal the deal there and then. We are really blessed when one day a Whatsapp [...]

Paya Beach, P. Tioman, Malaysia, aerial showcase

Earlier in 2013, we brought an adventurous couple to Pulau Tioman, Malaysia, for their underwater pre-wedding photoshoot. During which time, we also intended [...]

Ping Chuan and Catherine photojournalistic experience

Time really flies past you real fast when we are enjoying touching people's lives every other day. It was back in 2012 October that we first met Catherine. [...]

Jaysen and Apple photojournalistic experience

I remembered back in 2013, we decided to go to Ho Chin Min, Vietnam, to check out some sites for potential pre-wedding shoot. Add that with Apple being a good [...]